Corner Lake

The most stunning feature is “Sand Mountain” directly across the lake from the highway. It is literally an expansive sand dune – and at over 11,000 feet elevation. The mountain did not exist until 140 years ago when a large storm dumped huge quantities of sand at this location.

Taklamakan Desert

Davakul Lake is located 130 km from Kashgar, on the southeast tip of Taklamakan Desert. Davakul means “curing lake” in Uyghur language. It is one of the nearest places to Kashgar to do one or more days of camel trekking in the Taklamakan Desert. Admission Fee ¥30 RMB

Id Kah Mosque

Open 8:50AM-10PM, though closed during services. First built in 1442, it is distinctive for its yellow walls and Central Asian architecture. Women are generally not allowed inside, but modestly dressed foreigners should have no problem. You should remove your shoes before entering the carpeted area. Admission Fee¥50 RMB

Tomb of Apak Hoja

A massive, elegant building created in 1640 in typical Islamic style. Also a pilgrimage site. This is also the resting place of the “Fragrant Concubine”, although the historical mentions of her rebellion against the Chinese imperial army are delicately omitted in the tomb’s accompanying introduction. Admission Fee ¥30RMB.