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“Professional English —speaking Tour Guide”
With over 31 years of guiding experience in Xinjiang Province,  Ablimit- “Elvis” -Ghopor has introduced hundreds of visitors to a true local experience.Featured in
the pages of the Lonely Planet and highly recommended on TripAdvisor,Elvis can
always be found at the Old Teahouse in Kashgar. Elvis’s services include arranging
tours to the weekly village markets, teaching visitors how to choose the perfect rug,
and helping others to discover the rich art and music of the Uyghur culture as well
as arranging treks to nearby historical and geographicalsites. He specializes in tours
to Lake Karakul and the Taklamakan Desert. Let Elvis help you arrange personal or
semi guided to the Kashgar region. He can tailor a tour to meet your schedule and interests.
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Elvis Ablimit

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One Day Tours

1. Livestock market —Old teahouse —Sunday market —back to hotel

2. Kashgar— Lake Karakul — camel and horseback riding — back to Kashgar
3. Kashgar —Taklamakan desert — Camel riding — back to Kashgar
4. Exotic Monday Market near Kashgar — back to Kashgar
5. The Abak Hoja Tomb — Yusuf Has Hajip tomb
6. Kashgar — Yarkan — back to Kashgar
7. Kashgar — Ouytagh glacier — back to Kashgar
8. Kashgar — Mahmud Kashgari tomb — back to Kashgar

9.Kashgar —Sultan Sutuq Bughrahan —back to Kashgar

10. Carpet hunting tours with your expert and designer

Two Day Tours —

1: Kashgar —Lake Karakul — camel and horseback riding (staying overnight in a yurt)
2: Lake Karakul —Tashkurghan — Stone Fort(staying overnight in a hotel)

Three Day Tours —
1. Lake Karakul —Tashkurghan — Stone Fort(staying two night in a hotel)
2. Kashgar — Yarkan (staying two night in a hotel )
One to Four Day Tours: Carpet hunting tours to Khotan with your expert and designer

Discover Kashgar with our native guides

If you are looking for a real local tour guide who can help you discover the very best of Kashgar, to experience its authentic culture, real life and incredible scenery, you have come to the right place!  Kashgar Offbeat Tours is run by local Uyghurs from Kashgar. We are a group of experienced tour guides who are proud of our rich culture, splendid history and the outstanding surroundings of our hometown. We welcome you, and are happy to share our city with the world.

Shipton’s Arch Trekking

This is a one day trek done in steeply walled canyons and over rocky river bed terrain. The arch was first discovered by Eric Shipton, then the British consul in Kashgar, and was officially measured by a National Geographic-sponsored team in 2000. The arch is 500 meters high and 100 meters wide, making it the tallest natural arch in the world. Admission Fee ¥30 RMB

Shipton’s Arch

Tomb of Mahmud Kashgari

The tomb of the famous Uyghur scribe who compiled a dictionary of the Turkic languages in the 11th century. You can find out his life and contribution to the local culture. This picturesque complex is situated on a hillside and includes a mosque and a sacred spring where he planted his staff that grew into a great tree. Nearby Upal boasts a lively bazaar too.Admission Fee ¥30 RMB

Tomb of Mahmud Kashgari

Id Kah Mosque

Open 8:50AM-10PM, though closed during services. First built in 1442, it is distinctive for its yellow walls and Central Asian architecture. Women are generally not allowed inside, but modestly dressed foreigners should have no problem. You should remove your shoes before entering the carpeted area. Admission Fee¥50 RMB

Id Kah Mosque


Tomb of Apak Hoja

A massive, elegant building created in 1640 in typical Islamic style. Also a pilgrimage site. This is also the resting place of the “Fragrant Concubine”, although the historical mentions of her rebellion against the Chinese imperial army are delicately omitted in the tomb’s accompanying introduction. Admission Fee ¥30RMB.

Tomb of Apak Hoja