Elvis Ablimit

Elvis Ablimit Ghopor

A local guide and professional exporter, Elvis  can be found hanging out in the Old Teahouse. He offers unique and unusual tours of local tea-houses and exotic village markets, as well as coordinating longer treks to Lake Karakul and the Taklamakan Desert. As a professional exporter, Elvis is an expert in shopping and purchasing locally made carpets, hand-crafted musical instruments, and other goods. His services include negotiating for local prices on various goods and insured world-wide shipping.

Contact Elvis by email: elvisablimit@yahoo.com or phone him on his mobile: (+86)1389.913.6195


  • “Elvis is a calm, sweet soul with lot of knowledge on traditions, art and culture”
  • “My friend and I traveled to Kashgar recently and had the delightful chance to meet Elvis, a local tour guide”
  • “Viva Elvis”
  • “Our trip to Kashgar would not have been a success without Elvis and his driver”
  • “A great guide for Kashgar and to organize trips around”
  • “Enthusiastic and helpful, Elvis helped shape my view of Kashgar as an interesting and colorful place to visit!”
  • “Elvis was a great guide who took me where no normal tourists go”
  • “Best Guide In Kashgar”

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King’s shrine near Kashgar

Holy shrine near Kashgar

Central Mosque of Kashgar

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