“Professional English-Speaking Guide”
With over 30 years of guide experience in the Xinjiang Province, Ablimit “Elvis” Ghopor has introduced hundreds of visitors to a true local experience. Found in the pages of the Lonely Planet and highly recommended on TripAdvisor,  Elvis can always be found at the Old Teahouse in Kashgar. Elvis’s services include arranging tours to the weekly village markets, teaching visitors how to choose the perfect rug, and helping others to discover the rich art and music of the Uyghur culture as well as arranging treks to nearby historical and geographical sites like Lake Karakul and the Taklamakan Desert. Let Elvis help you arrange personal and semi-guided to the Kashgar region. He can tailor a tour to meet your schedule and interests.
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Elvis Ablimit

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One Day Tours

1. The Abak Hoja Tomb, Yusuf Has Hajip tomb, The Hanoi  City and Mor Pagoda
2. Kashgar —Taklamakan desert — Camel riding — back to Kashgar
3. Kashgar — Yingisar — Yarkan — Kashgar
4. Kashgar to Lake Karakul — camel and horseback riding — back to Kashgar
5. Kashgar — Ouytagh glacier — Kashgar
6. Visit famous old teahouse and Kashgar Sunday Market.
7. Kashgar — King’s tomb — Mahmud Kashgary tomb — Kashgar
8. Exotic Monday Market near Kashgar — Kashgar

Two Day Tours —

Day 1:  Kashgar to Lake Karakul — camel and horseback riding (staying overnight in a yurt)

Day 2: Lake Karakul to Tashkurghan — Stone Fort —back to Kashgar.

Three Day Tours —

Day 1-3:  Carpet hunting tours to Khotan